Drop-on-demand process

Drop on demand ink jet process can be distinguished by the way, again single drop of ink is produced. When thermal ink-jet this is done by heating the liquid color to evaporation, which is thrown over the pressure of the vapor bubble, a quantity of ink from the nozzle - hence the term "bubble jet". In piezo inkjet systems, the generation of the drop is effected by a change in volume in the ink chamber due to piezoelectric effects. The ink droplet is thereby ejected from the nozzle system.

Translation of "Handbuch der Printmedien, Helmut Kipphan, S. 746, SpringerVerlag, Jahr 2000"


Laser process

The laser marking is a method to label various objects by means of an intense laser beam or mark. The laser light energy to the material transported there and modifies the surface texture, which is formed on the surface of a logo or image. This can, depending on the material, though a range of different processes:

  • • removal of material
  • • burning
  • • transformation of pigments
  • • Formation of surface structures
Since laser labels can be generated quickly and automatically, they are particularly suitable for the identification or serial numbering of items, also with machine-readable barcodes. The printing of expiration dates on product packaging is another example in which the method is used. Laser engraving but also find application in art. Thus, for example, three-dimensional images can be engraved in the inside of glass.

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Laser Colour Coating

Laser Colour Coating allows the use of a standard industrial CO2 laser, for example, YAG laser, or laser in combination with a powder coating method for non-contact marking color.
In the laser marking of this method, the processing temperature is selected so that the thinly applied powder blends with the product surface. This means that no surface ablations, as they are known in various conventional laser procedures. The powder coating on the products is minimal and is not perceived as such in most surfaces.
In Laser Colour Coating the adhesion of printing are defined precisely by selecting the powder - from easily washable up to scratch resistant, resistant to solvents or easily removable. The method offers the opportunity to meet all the required markings in the desired reliability while ensuring the necessary process safety.

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