LCC - Industrial colour laser marking technology


  powder coating
• Dry product coating with a simple powder extraction system
• Powder recycling for re-use
• Colour printing without any laser-sensitive additives in product
• Marking with all laser technologies
• Applicable on almost every surface types (plastics, foil, foam,
  paper, metal, wood, veneer, textiles, leather, insulant, ...)
Directly available print colours from colour guide RAL Classic
• Patent pending
powder coating  



  • Low cost marking
• Minor operating costs
• Fail-proof procedure
• Almost maintenance-free operation
• No extensive wetly coating
• No use of nano particles


powder coating


• Printing on all products types by adjusting laser power
  (from foil/ thin layers to solid objects)
• Selectable marking resistance
  (wipe off, scratch-resistant, solvent durable)
• Fast change-over of material or colour
• Easy handling via Microsoft WINDOWS
powder coating  



  • Reliable option to Ink-Jet-Technology (CIJ)
• New colour marking on various surfaces and
  objects (formely common laser applications
  only burned up or frothed the surface)
• Colour Laser Marking process for all product
Brochure: LCC