Printing Systems

piezo inkjet   verpackungen kennzeichnen
System version   Controller unit optional with/ without LCD display
Print head   optional cominated with DSP 128, 300, 500
Technology   InkJet printing systems
Special features   easy to use, low-maintenance, high print quality
Details: Printing Systems

Laser Systems

laser coating   colour coating
System version   Laser system monochrom or coloured
Print image generation   IPC-based software with standard commands
Laser technology   CO2, YAG laser (800nm - 10600nm)
Print position   any
Special features   almost all surfaces, long life, high print quality
Details: Laser Systems

Marking Systems

sprühsysteme   farbmarkieurng    farbsprühsystem controller
System version   Ink system with controller
Print image generation   dot marking with spray nozzles or valves
Druckkopfanzahl   any
Druckposition   any positions
Special features   easy to use, different colors and viscosities
Details: Marking Systems


Tintenpatrone   Farbpulver
Ink   Ethanol-, water-, oil-based; any colours
Powder   Choosing colour according to RAL
Drying   fast and slow drying, UV / IR curing
Viscosities   optionally available
Areas of application   Packaging, automotive, engineering, electronic
Details: Consumables

Special Constructions

Eierprinter   Sondermaschinenbau
Technology   embossing and thermo transfer technology, etc.
Areas of application   food, plastic, metal and automotive industry
Number of printheads   depending on requirements, optional combine
Print positions   any
Special features   adaptation to customer profitability and economy
Details: Special Constructions